Carré ou rond, comprendre le Yin et le Yang, pour mieux choisir .

Square or round, understand Yin and Yang, to choose better.

Understanding Yin and Yang

Everyone has already heard of Yin and Yang but we should still know what it is. We all have in mind these two kinds of commas, a white with a black point and a black with a white point, which fit together to form one.

If you find a white dot in the black part or a black dot in the white part, it is by no means a coincidence. On the contrary, it is supposed to show that every male element has a female part and every female element has a male part.

Yin and Yang are everywhere around us and are present in our every action, Yin complements Yang and vice versa. The terms Yin and Yang were coined by the ancient Chinese to describe the bipolarity they could see when observing nature.

So you can't imagine Yin without Yang and of course you can't imagine Yang without Yin either. I will give you an example that shows what I am telling you. If I speak to you of the night, we will think of the day. Indeed, how can we imagine the night without the day? Night (Yin) complements day (Yang).

As the sun is in the sky, the sky is Yang and therefore the earth is Yin. Formerly it was thought that the sky was rounded and the earth was flat. That is why we can say that what is round is Yang and what is square is Yin.

Feminine Square Yin
it is he who receives life. Yin is dark, cold. It is the energy of fertile passivity, it gives life, which is why it is said to be the symbol of femininity, rootedness, motherhood and romantic and friendly relationships.

The masculine round Yang
Is the opposite of Yin and it is he who completes it.
Yang represents light, which is hard and fast. It is active and manifests all the accumulated energy. The Yang is always in action, in movement. Yang is masculine and is the spark of life. It is the structure, the base, the power, to take action.

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