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Super Deluxe Tablet (5 Large Himalayan Crystals) (9 X 9)UL-3510

Super Deluxe Tablet (5 Large Himalayan Crystals) (9 X 9)UL-3510

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Super Deluxe Geo-Quantum Tablet (9 x 9 square inches) ACTIVE/PASSIVE (Orgo-Life® Exclusive Technology) square shaped / sacred geometry.

• Over ½ pound of Himalayan crystals (255-320 grams weight), or 5 large Himalayan Crystals, high vibration) with TECHNOLOGY Orgo-Life® power transformer and over 17 semi-precious stones.

Energy table of the most powerful in the world:

• Energetic radiation in a vortex up to 380 meters the first week when it first installs

More details

• Emanation of vibration rates up to 3.0 km of radiation after more than a month in the same place.
Ideal for manifesting, power, harmonization, raising your consciousness, and ultimate power:
• Active allows to multiply x 1000 times the power
• Bright LED indicator that flashes to indicate when in Active mode
• Also works great when not plugged in, in passive mode
• 25 year warranty with Orgo-Life®
• More than 17 different stones inside for extraordinary benefits
• Amplifier of vibration waves X 1000 when it is in mode
• Metal of Titanium, Copper, Iron, Brass and Aluminum

Perfect for transforming the taste and energy of all your dishes while eating, in less than 7 minutes:

• Higher vibration of your food
• Changes the taste, for a better taste
• More Chi Prana energy

Energetic Therapeutic Use:

• To relax a client on a table during his massage
• Can be used when seated behind his back
• Place your client's feet on the table (remove your shoes) during a treatment
• Allows you to have your emotions in balance and in balance
• Have ideas and a clearer vision
• Faster recovery from discomfort or conflict
• Will improve your overall mood quickly

Unique active and exclusive technology of ORGO-LIFE®, amplifier and emanations of vibrations, waves and Chy Prana (Universal energy):

To sleep better at night:

• Increase your vibratory rate (meditation, yoga, relaxation)
• Sleep peacefully and deeply
• Fall asleep faster
• Try passive forward or active and see which one you
• Recover your energy faster
• More energy to accomplish your days
• Sleep with your tablet under your pillow
• Place it also under the bed of your room vis-à-vis the emotional center of your body (your navel)


WEIGHT: 2.6-2.9 kg approx (5.9 – 6.2 lbs)
DIMENSIONS: 22.2 cm x 22.2 cm X 3.5 cm High approx. (8 5/8" x 8 5/8" X 1 ½" inches tall) approx.
MODEL: UL-3510
TECHNOLOGY: Active with amplification transformer (x 1000 times more powerful in active mode and also without connection in passive mode.
TRANSFORMER: Our amplifier generator operates on 110 volts or 220 volts (Europe and others)
PACKING: 13.0''X 13.0'' (Base) X 3.0'' H approx. / 31.5 cm X 31.5 cm (Base) X 4.5 cm Height approx., 3.2 kg or 7 lbs approx..
QTY. In the package: 1 Super Geo-Quantum square table (5 very large x Himalayan crystals), 1 x transformer/amplifier, 1 instruction booklet, certificates of guarantee and conformity. With serial number.

COLOUR: CLEAR transparent polyester resin

BAR CODE #: 600291593696

WARRANTY: 25 years

Delivered with instruction in FR/EN and certificate of guarantee

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