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Radiant Harmonizer™

Radiant Harmonizer™

The Radiant Harmonizer™ is a home harmonization device designed to improve the energy and vibrational state of living spaces. It acts on electromagnetic, geopathic and energy pollution by reversing the levorotatory torsion field towards a dextrorotatory torsion field. It permanently harmonizes negative energies and restores the vitality of your home. It is a tool of conscience, useful to any human being in search of well-being, a real reassuring presence in your home. Its design is reminiscent of that of orgonite without it being so. Its structure operates on another energy spectrum related to that of "adamantine particles". It functions by vibratory radiation and by diffusion of information. The biorhythmic information it contains is disseminated in your habitat in two ways:

By disseminating information via your home's electrical system.
By surrounding radiation, by transferring its programming to the water particles contained in the ambient air.
This double action allows rapid and effective action of the Harmonizer by saturating your living environment. From the Feng Shui point of view, it regulates the circulation of Chi and restores its coherence. Moreover, by balancing the cosmo-telluric energies, it recreates in your home the soothing atmosphere of sacred architectures (cathedrals, temples, etc.). The Harmonizer produces significant changes to several aspects of our environments, such as:

  • All forms of electromagnetic pollution
  • Radiation from electric cables, transformers and pylons near housing
  • Electric or hot water radiators
  • geopathic stress
  • Grids, negative networks and geobiological nodes (Hartmann, Curry, etc.)
  • Geological faults, caves, etc.
  • Underground water currents
  • Unhealthy shape waves
  • Chemtrails
  • Negative memories and unhealthy thought-forms permeated in places
  • And more!

This atmosphere harmonizer works by bringing in high etheric energies and pure light frequencies. This energy tool is designed to gently provide deep well-being. It is not a simple object; it is a calming, reassuring and protective presence. It is a sacred object. The Harmonizer carries out its harmonization work in compliance with Universal Laws and does not cause any harm to any sentient being.

This energy harmonization device was born from a sincere and deep desire to offer as many people as possible a simple, accessible and effective tool. We want you to have as much joy using it as we had making it happen!

The Radiant Harmonizers™ are made one by one by hand and several steps are necessary for their realization. Depending on the available inventory, there may be a delay of two to three weeks for delivery. Thank you for your understanding.

Note: Radiant Harmonizer™ has not been evaluated by the FDA or Health Canada. It does not in any way replace medical care or medication. It does not claim to diagnose or cure anything. It is a tool for energy harmonization and must be understood and used with this in mind. It is sold for experimental purposes only. For all health problems, refer to a health professional.

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