Who we are

Newbeworld is a family business and our primary objective is the well-being of all.

Since the birth of our child Samuel, our life has shifted towards a wonderful and better world. A clear vision of the future and a simple goal: the well-being of our family and, by extension, of all those around us.

Over the years, we have acquired several tools and a lot of self-confidence. Now we are ready to share them. Our knowledge and tools are available to those who want to grow and work on themselves.

Whether it is biosignals or SN source codes (Grigori Grabovoi PRK-1U) , the Quantum Equalizer Technology® from Orgo-Life (med bed) or the frequencies of the Healy Module , we are fortunate to have all these tools united under our roof!

Now, we are ready to share them with you so that they can help you on your journey, where you are, to BE in this new world with us.

Newbeworld: Being in this New World