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The Adwell Conditioner

Using the AdWELL Water Energizer provides revitalized and refreshing water.

The AdWELL water dynamizer improves the moisturizing and taste qualities of water from distribution networks, cisterns, wells or bottled.

The water vitalized by AdWELL participates in recreating a healthy body balance.

Daily consumption of vitalized water optimizes hydration, promotes better absorption of nutrients and facilitates the elimination of toxins.

Staying well hydrated contributes to a long and healthy life.
The consumption of vitalized water is associated with more vitality and well-being.

Actions of AdWELL conditioner on water
  • Harmonizing effect on humans, animals and plants.
  • Activation of the active ingredients of aesthetic products.
  • Activation of the active ingredients of natural remedies.
  • Restores the antibacterial properties of water.
  • Positive effects for all water therapies.
  • Improved taste and texture of water.
  • Increases the oxygen content of the water.
  • Elimination of polluting information.
  • Water more hydrating, fresh and soft.
  • Increased cleaning power.
  • Increased energy.


WATER, when it springs from its source, is almost perfect and has all its properties (vitality, lightness, softness). This WATER is said to be STRUCTURED.

When it circulates in the soil (well water) or in the pipes (drinking water), the water gradually loses its original properties and its vitality because of the natural elements encountered (iron, calcium, magnesium, etc.) or treatments. chemicals. The WATER is then DESTRUCTURED.

AdWELL®, has the property of restructuring the water that passes nearby by vibratory resonance effect. The water immediately regains its natural properties and gains in vitality.

The AdWELL revitalizer oxygenates the water

The lack of dissolved oxygen in the water is the main factor in the problems encountered when it comes to water quality. The revitalizer acts on water molecules accelerating the natural process of oxygenation.

The AdWELL water dynamizer is a structuring agent generating physico-chemical effects, which results in a substantial improvement in water quality as well as better bioavailability.

adwell newbeworld

AdWELL conditioner generates negative ions

An important feature of the AdWELL water revitalizer is its ability to exchange ions. The conditioner performs an ion exchange when in contact with an aqueous medium. It generates negative ions. These ions are known to have positive effects on the living world. You should know that ions are fine electrically charged particles. In addition to promoting inflammation, positive ions stress and fatigue us. On the other hand, negative ions, highly energetic, energize and soothe us.

No more need for softener, osmosis, filters, or filter jug

AdWELL® restores lightness and vitality to your water: your skin becomes soft again, your hair silky, your household appliances gain in life, etc.

Unlike all existing systems (osmosis, filters, softener), AdWELL® is much more efficient and more economical for several reasons,

Here are the 3 main ones:

  • AdWELL® is the only device to act on all the components of water (hardness, conductivity, nitrates, chlorides, etc.)
  • AdWELL® simply clips along a faucet, shower hose, or drain. There is no connection and no maintenance.
  • AdWELL® is guaranteed for 5 years. It is manufactured and assembled in Switzerland. The lifespan of AdWELL® is over 20 years.
How it works ?
By vibratory resonance these frequencies create a phenomenon of oscillation, a movement of natural whirlpools equivalent to that of torrents or rivers (Vortex effect).
The water that emerges from this treatment finds a second youth. She is revitalized. This is a natural phenomenon.

AdWELL® modifies the molecular behavior (more adhesion of limestone, iron and neutralization of bad polluting elements such as heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, etc.)

AdWELL® reactivates the dissolved oxygen in the water which plays an important role on bad bacteria (anaerobes) giving them a hostile environment. The oxygen level is thus increased. The water becomes “alive” again.

How is AdWELL® designed?

AdWELL® consists of two elements. On the one hand the case, on the other hand the programmed internal part where the original frequencies of the spring water are recorded.

design adwell newbeworld

The stabilizing material that serves to press the inner part to the walls of the case is made of hemp.

The inner part is designed like a capacitor (conductive-nonconductive), which amplifies the programmed frequency patterns. This results in a constant, equal and lasting dissemination of information (resonance effect).

Resonance effect

Thanks to the effect of AdWELL® frequencies, the water molecules enter the desired physical resonance. Thus, their structure changes to match that of natural, untreated spring water. This leads to an almost identical oscillation of the frequency patterns of AdWELL® and water molecules.

AdWELL® restores the original properties of water. The torrent-like movement restores the self-cleaning and bacteriological qualities to the water. It becomes soft, light and pleasant to drink again, offering a feeling of freshness that had disappeared.
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