Les fréquences au service du Vivant

Frequencies serving the Living

Frequencies serving life

The objective of Métatron Concept is to help all living things to harmonize their Universe by limiting as much as possible the impact of frequencies, waves and harmful information.

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The immediate effects of METATRON cards

  • Metatron cards come from a technology that programs the atoms on the card to generate scalar waves.
  • They convert all electromagnetic waves into scalar waves; the more electromagnetic waves there are in our environment, the better we feel.

Scalar waves even pass through bandwidth and telephone lines.

When you call someone, they are also protected.

And this goes further since all the people using the same satellite as our internet or telephone line are too.

They convert disharmonious waves for us into harmonious waves thanks to scalar waves, Metatron cards protect humans, animals and plants from electromagnetic chaos in a more or less large sphere depending on the cards

  • The vibration rate is a measurement used to determine the level of subtle energy released by an object, a place or a living being. Indeed, everything that exists in the universe has energetic vibrations measurable in Bovis Units named after its French inventor Alfred Bovis.
  • The healthy human being vibrates on average between 8000 and 20,000 BU. Metatron cards will allow all their users to greatly increase their vibration rate (from 500,000 with the smallest card to more than a decilliard UB).
  • Metatron cards support us on a daily basis whatever our activities.
  • 一With this scale of consciousness, we understand that people vibrating most of the time in low emotions, have a narrow reality. They endure their life
  • -With emotions such as courage, enthusiasm, the individual becomes creator of his life. He understands that he is 100% responsible for his life and his reality expands.

    一If we have a high TV and we are physically and mentally well, it is much easier to have our thoughts, words and actions aligned towards our goals and we will attract situations and relationships that are beneficial for us and money

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You can contact us by telephone: 514-535-0158 for more details on Metatron cards or by email: info@newbeworld.com

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Electromagnetic waves

So useful! But so harmful...

newbeworld cell metatron

We all use technology. Everyone has a cell phone which has become, in a way, an extension of our hand. It is often 2 cm from our brain, in a pocket 1 cm from our heart, which puts us in danger.

Since our childhood, we, our organs and our cells have been immersed in waves, which weakens our neuromuscular system.

It doesn't matter whether we live in the countryside or in the city, we will find relay antennas, electrical cables in our homes, Linky for many, computers, tablets, smartphones, TV. Without forgetting, ultraviolet rays which are also waves.

Plants are also affected, particularly pine forests whose thorns capture waves more easily than deciduous trees. We also noticed an oxidative stress in the cells of tomato plants when they are between 5 to 15 minutes near a mobile

Today we are all electrosensitive, some more than others. Professor Belpomme oncologist, author of “The Black Book of Waves” tells us: “Electrosensitivity is like a sunburn in the brain. If you take something to relieve the pain but keep exposing yourself, it's no use. »

If we put our hand in front of a particular type of light that can travel long distances and saw all the waves around us, we wouldn't even see our hand because there are so many of them.

Would you like to get out of the fog of the waves in which you are all immersed?

The dangers of 5G waves and their impact on health, explained in this video by Dr Paul Héroux.

Scalar waves

What are they?

Scalar waves allow lossless transmission of energy over long distances, passing through solid metal objects without loss of power, and transporting energy without the need for cables.

Thanks to their helical shape, they easily resonate with DNA and proteins which have an identical structure.

Special type of light that can travel long distances  

Helical shape that resonates with our DNA and proteins
  • Already in 1930, Russian Professor George Lakhovsky invented the OLOM Multiple Wavelength Oscillator to treat his patients in hospital.
  • 80 years later, the German Konstantin Meyl named these waves scalar waves.
  • He also created the Scalar Wave Devices which was tested for over 10 years in hospitals before being released to the market. Today, many doctors, veterinarians, therapists, osteopaths, naturopaths, etc. use it.

WHAT ARE SCALAR WAVES?, explained in this video by Dr Luc Bodin in this video.

Anti-wave solution?

Is there a solution to use the technologies essential to daily life, without being impacted by electromagnetic waves?
Would it be possible to transform electromagnetic waves harmful to living things into scalar waves beneficial to all living things?

The objective of Métatron Concept is to help all living things to harmonize their Universe by limiting as much as possible the impact of frequencies, waves and harmful information.

To order a Metatron card please contact us at 514-535-0158

Take care of yourself

The Métatron Concept Canada French-speaking team

The Metatron Cards are in no way intended to constitute a therapeutic treatment. Their use is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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You can also join the Telegram group to see many testimonials
Telegram Testimonial Group

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