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  • The Classic

    iTeraCare Classic

    • Price $380.00 US

    800 watts, built more
    affordable to get into more households at a lower price, still as efficient but
    not as sturdy, takes a little longer for treatments and will turn off after an
    hour of use to cool.

    3 settings - Low Speed, Low
    Heat. High speed, low heat. High speed, high heat.

    The price may differ only
    in your country.

  • The Premium

    iTeraCare Premium

    • Price $ 1140.00 US

    650 watts, more robust than
    Classic, quieter than the other two models, more durable, comes in a hard
    protective case,

    2 settings - Low Speed, Low
    Heat. High speed, high heat. The heat settings are much higher than the

    It releases 30% more
    terahertz than the Classic.

    The price may differ only
    in your country.

  • The pro

    iTeraCare PRO

    • Price $3800.00 US

    1200 watts, very rugged,
    built for more continuous use as in clinical settings for multiple
    applications, requires less time for treatments due to higher power, much
    faster results, quieter than Classic, comes in a well-padded hard protective
    case with locks on the outside.

    4 settings - Low Speed, Low
    Heat. High speed, low heat. High speed, high heat. No heat, low speed (cold).

    It releases 50% more
    terahertz than the Classic.

    The price may differ only
    in your country.


The medicine of the future will be the medicine of frequencies.

Terahertz resonates at the same frequency as normal human cells, generating millions of vibrations per second. Features






  • Muscle

    shoulder stiffness, spondylosis, muscle tension, old legs.

  • Fatigue

    reduces fatigue, improves sleep.

  • Blood circulation

    reduces varicose veins, prevents blood stasis.

  • Skin

    Eczema, mosquito bites, itching and other skin problems.

  • Metabolism

    It strengthens metabolism, improves microcirculation

  • Pain

    relieves all kinds of pain caused by muscle stiffness

Uses of iTeraCare

1. iTeraCare strengthens healthy cells.
2. It can repair damaged cells while simultaneously expelling or liquefying unhealthy cells.
3. It can clear blocked passages/blood vessels and stimulate the body's detoxification.
4. The iTeraCare device can penetrate the skin between 20 and 30 mm, reaching the bone marrow, blood microvessels and capillaries.
5. It can improve micro-circulation and remove body moisture.
6. It can regulate body temperature and improve the immune system by activating weak and inactive cells.
7. It can be used as a home pain relief device. No professional skills or knowledge are required. Just blow on the area of pain.
8. The iTeraCare therapy device is specifically used for outpatient therapeutic and physiotherapy treatments.

Terahertz wave frequencies

The frequency of terahertz waves lies between microwave and infrared frequencies in a wavelength range of 30 to 3000 microns. When cells are irradiated by terahertz frequency, it quickly transfers energy into the human body and activates inert cells. Scientific research shows that it is completely safe for absorption by human body cells. The main treatment of iTeraCare involves unclogging capillaries to improve healthy functioning of the body and cells.

Certification iTeraCare

iTeraCare therapeutic device certification is rigorously tested, inspected and certified by the Beijing Chinese Academy of Sciences and National Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Certification and many other authoritative organizations.

Guide d'utilisation iTera-Care

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Remember to consult your doctor at all times for illnesses and any health
problems.  Because with Orgo-Life® it's just energy sessions called
sessions or energy sessions

The Healy device's Individualized Microcurrent
Frequency (IMF) programs are not medical applications. They are not intended to
cure, treat, mitigate, diagnose or prevent any disease or health problem. The
terms used in the programs do not constitute statements regarding their
effects. Healy programs should not be used as a substitute for professional
medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Such advice should always be sought
from a qualified healthcare professional.

The iTeraCare appliance is a certified household
appliance. It has been certified as "safe to use". It does not emit
any harmful radiation and it has labels allowing its international

The iTeraCare ventilator is not medical equipment and the manufacturer does not
provide any medical advice. Users understand that the device is not intended
for use as a medical device or for diagnostic purposes that should be relied
upon. Its use is not intended to be relied upon in lieu of medical treatment or
advice by a qualified medical care practitioner. Users understand that they use
the iTeraCare ventilator at their own risk.