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Magickey Teknik® TDP Mineral Lamp, true infrared, therapeutic heat, care OH-5710

Magickey Teknik® TDP Mineral Lamp, true infrared, therapeutic heat, care OH-5710

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TDP (true infrared) mineral lamp, with more than 33 heating (mineral) elements with heating plate releasing more than 250 watts (duration of 1500-2000 hrs), allows to penetrate deeper to stimulate oxygen in red blood cells. The lamp can be a portable physiotherapy assistant to relieve acute or chronic rheumatoid arthritis cases...

Alleviates fatigue, soft tissue injuries. Can be used in massage, during treatments


• 1. Simple spring adjustment space, more extensive use of the point of view
• 2. Three-point rotation, different angles more flexible
• 3. Mechanical button switch, free to control treatment time
• 4. Overweight base, solidly solid, front support, breathable heat dissipation
• 5.Physiotherapy: relieve pain, adjuvant treatment of rheumatism, lumbar rheumatism, sore colds, relieve arthritis, wound healing medical infrared heat therapy

GENUINE PRODUCT at GREAT PRICE: This is an original TDP heating lamp, simple TDP lamp for basic far infrared heating therapy at the lowest price.

SOOTHING PROPERTIES: Mineral plate with light mimics heat providing relief from pain, inflammation, arthritis, muscle and joint pain, soft tissue injuries, sprains, scar tissue, back pain and other similar conditions.

CAPACITY REGENERATION: The TDP lamp mineral plate helps regenerate various beneficial biochemical stimuli that the body may lack due to illness, accident or injury.

IMPROVING BODY FUNCTIONS: TDP acupuncture heating lamp that accelerates the breakdown of unstable structures such as dead cells; and improve the body's fit and immunity function.

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One year warranty

Power: 250W

Voltage: 120V

Weight: 3.9kg

Package weight: 29*17*35cm

Treatment panel diameter: 124mm

Output 50 Hz - 250 watts;

Infrared emission - 2 to 25 microns;


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