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Quantum Silver Zapper Génération 2145 UL-7000

Quantum Silver Zapper Génération 2145 UL-7000

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1-Make fresh Colloidal Water daily, to keep your system in overall better shape (recommended to do in 20-30 minutes or ask your doctor)

2-You zap the parasites every day and weaken the membranes of their cells to promote their elimination.

-The ideal tool for those who have had LA PICOUSE.

3 -For those who have the new Therapeutic PRO series, it also serves as an amplifier for your Orgo-Life® unit and allows you to amplify terrestrial waves and energies to be better connected to the earth (GRONDER)

- Comes with a 3 year warranty, and a service contract if you have any issues after 3 years

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